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Industrial Tourism

Antsirabe and the Highlands Region

As a major industrial center of Madagascar, Vakinankaratra, notably Antsirabe, is home to some prestigious companies:

  • Star,
  • Cotonnière d’Ansirabe,
  • Socolait,
  • Tiko,
  • Holcim,
  • Kobama,
  • Sainto Natural Spring,
  • New Breweries of Madagascar (Ambatolampy)
  • and numerous artisans

By arranging your visit in advance, you can tour their facilities and discover a facet of Malagasy professionalism and meticulousness.

These companies demonstrate a high level of quality and are mostly certified by international organizations.

More modestly, artisans will be happy to open their workshops to show you their working methods and the quality of their production:

  • semi-precious stone cutting
  • horn work
  • sculpture and woodworking
  • pottery
  • leatherwork, etc.

For more information, inquire here: info@antsirabe-tourisme.com