Presentation of the Vakinankaratra

Antsirabe and the Highlands of Madagascar

Vakinankaratra is a region in central Madagascar.

Rizière Madagascar
Le Vakinankaratra
and its rice fields
Located on the highlands, it is essentially agricultural Antsirabeits capital, is a city where large agri-food and textile companies have developed.

170 kms from Tananarive, Antsirabe is an obligatory crossroads on the roads of the south, west and southeast of Madagascar.
This situation makes it a hub of exchange and craftsmanship,especially precious and semi-precious stones.

Its hills dotted with rice fields reveal a landscape of great serenity conducive to to hiking, horseback riding or mountain biking. The lakes Andraikiba and Tritriva, of volcanic origin, are objectives of remarkable ballads.

With an original, lively and strong culture, this region offers visitors curious to discover other ways of living a set of ancestral practices rich in meaning.

Founded by the Norwegians in 1872, Antsirabe quickly became a spa and resort. It has developed an art of living and well-being that will be appreciated with therapeutic baths, massages with essential oils, sports activities (tennis, golf, swimming pool, horseback riding, hiking), and finally a local and international gastronomy based on local products "naturally organic".

Betafo is a typical merina village that deserves a visit for its architecture and wrought iron work. The Catholic church is remarkable. There are also thermal baths.

Ibity Madagascar
Traditional housing of
the Ibity massif
Arriving from Tananarive, you can stop in Ambatolampy for its gastronomy around the famous foie gras and go for a fishing trip in the surrounding rivers.

Recently, the region has set up reception facilities in remote villages to allow visitors to better immerse themselves in the local culture and lifestyle.

Structures adapted to all types of travelers welcome you according to your expectations and your needs: families, business, adventure, seniors, athletes,etc.