Environmental Protection in Vakinankaratra

Antsirabe and the Highlands of Madagascar

Environmental protection is a central concern of Malagasy authorities. Balancing economic development and preservation of natural resources requires efforts from a population that is often challenged and misunderstood.

Numerous information, training, and support programs support demanding environmental policies.

"At a crucial moment of the will for change manifested by the Nation, everyone must reflect not only on the present but on the future of a generation dedicated to managing the legacy that has been bequeathed to it. Indeed, promoting rapid and sustainable development to gradually eradicate poverty will remain empty words if the appropriation of this concept does not materialize at the very foundation of society. Thus, an effective decentralization policy, allowing individual and multisectoral initiatives to emerge, and accompanied by good governance, will remain the only way to eliminate all forms of exclusion and further encourage dynamic social solidarity within our society."

Regional Chief
RABENANTOANDRO Lantoniaina Nirina

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Madagascar Biodiversity
in Vakinankaratra
Environmental issues:
  • Degradation of biodiversity
  • Illegal collection of ornamental plants
  • Notions and principles of sustainable management not acquired
  • Decrease in fish stock and quality
  • Loss of ecosystem balance in aquatic environments

Environmental objectives:

  • Preservation of natural areas
  • Evaluation of ecosystems' potential and purpose of natural resources
  • Sustainable management of ex situ collections
  • Coherent and applied environmental legal texts

Soils and Vegetation Cover

Environmental issues:

  • Bushfires
  • Irresponsible exploitation of resources
  • Decrease in vegetation cover
  • Poor pasture management
  • Uneven distribution of cultivable land: land tenure problem
  • Degradation of watersheds (erosion) and silting of downstream lakes and plains
  • Negative effects on agriculture from brick kilns and sand extraction
  • Inadequate agricultural production methods
  • Undervalued agricultural and primary materials

Environmental objectives:

  • Intensified reforestation areas
  • Development of appropriate techniques
  • Soil fertility management and conservation
  • Forest management and exploitation
  • Integrated program for the creation and rehabilitation of hydroagricultural networks
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Valorization of potential resources
  • Rational valorization of sectors
  • Management and valorization of "tanety" (marshy areas)
  • Diversification of exploited biological material
  • Valorization of biological potential
  • Rational reforestation
  • Diversification of species used
  • Creation and systematization of green spaces
  • Planting of forage species

Continental Waters

Madagascar Mineral Waters
Water reserves in Vakinankaratra
Environmental issues:
  • Surface water pollution
  • Drying up of water sources
  • Silting of lakes and rivers

Climate and Climate Change

Environmental issues:

  • Air pollution

Environmental objectives:

  • Promotion of alternative energies

Urban Environment

Environmental issues:

  • Urban waste management
  • Applicability of urban planning
  • Problems with disposal of industrial wastewater
  • Air pollution
  • Environmental preservation
  • Development and concerted management planning

Environmental objectives:

  • Participatory development plan developed
  • Environmental preservation
  • Development and concerted management planning

Socioeconomic Indicators

Environmental issues:

  • Population growth
  • Poverty
  • Limited access to drinking water
  • Limited access to basic infrastructure
  • Rural populations mostly farmers and herders

Environmental objectives:

  • Improved population behavior towards the environment

Source: National Office for the Environment (http://www.pnae.mg/)