Senior Stay

Antsirabe and the Highlands of Madagascar

Antsirabe and its region, with the cooler climate of the highlands, are perfectly suited for tourism seeking rest, tranquility, and gentle activities.

The welcoming local population is available to help and take the time to curiously meet visitors and learn about their stories.

Establishments can easily organize walks according to each person's wishes. Discovering a rich and surprising local culture will complement a diversified stay.

Seniors will also find in Antsirabe offers for care around the Thermal Center with massages and baths.

The upscale hotels offer services tailored to the needs of more fragile individuals.

Bookstores and a documentation center (Cite) offer a wide selection of reading materials for leisure time in the countryside.

For those wishing to benefit from special care, the Social Residence (or Retirement Home) offers medical follow-up in a colonial-style setting, reminiscent of its charming little museum. Retired residents have chosen to live there to spend peaceful and happy days surrounded by attentive and competent staff.

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