Fauna and Flora of Vakinankaratra

Antsirabe and the Highlands of Madagascar

The region of Antsirabe is rich in fauna and flora.

Madagascar Lemur
Lemurs of Madagascar

During your walks, you will encounter numerous reptiles, amphibians, lemurs, butterflies, and birds in the region.

The Ibity Massif is famous for its endemic species, but everywhere you will find guides with keen eyes who will introduce you to the richness of the local fauna.

It is worth noting that a museum for various species of butterflies has been created in Ambatolampy.

Madagascar Flora
Drosera Madagascariensis

The reputation of flora in Madagascar is well established. The Great Island possesses countless species that are unique in the world and often spectacular.

In Vakinankaratra, you can discover it near Ambohimanjaka, for example, or in the Ibity Massif, also famous for its endemic species like:

  • Alectra ibityensis
  • Eulophia ibityensis
  • Jumellea ibityana

Among them, many medicinal plants are identified, used by a predominantly rural population, and others are intended for the production of essential oils.

They treat stomach ailments, rheumatism, headaches, diarrhea, and many other diseases.

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