Antsirabe and the Highlands of Madagascar

Ambatolampy in the rice fields
Located on the road between Antsirabe and Antananarivo, Ambatolampy is a small rural town appreciated by both nationals and foreigners alike. Its temperate climate is particularly conducive to trout farming, highly demanded in the renowned local restaurants where delicious nymph thighs and snails are also served.

Horse enthusiasts can visit horse farms and, at the same time, explore the locality while enjoying the pleasures of horseback riding.

Ambatolampy is also known for its factories producing aluminum pots and other kitchen utensils. The trades of blacksmithing and foundry work are passed down from generation to generation.

An important agricultural production includes corn, cassava, rice, fruits, and vegetables. Beekeeping is part of daily life.

Notable Sites in the Ambatolampy District


Craftsmanship Behenjy
Craftsmanship of Behenjy

Just before Ambatolampy when coming from Antananarivo, the traveler passes through the small town of Behenjy, famous for its "menakely" (rice donuts), sausages, and roasted chickens, offered to travelers by the merchants gathered in front of the old train station building. Located about forty kilometers from the capital, Behenjy, unlike other rural municipalities, is destined for prosperity thanks to its production of foie gras.

The small station of Behenjy occasionally welcomes a passenger train.

Restaurant / Shop  : Au coin du Foie Gras

Artisans  : Association RIANA

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  • Tsinjoarivo

    Located 50 km from Ambatolampy, this was the holiday destination of the sovereigns of Madagascar, including Queen Ranavalona I who had a palace built here, now transformed into a museum.

    The "Rova" consisted of five buildings, the most beautiful and largest of which, called Trano Fahasivy, served as a royal residence.

    Formerly called Andrangalisa, Tsinjoarivo was the stronghold of two lords named Andrianaivoravelo and Ramanjaka.

    The Onive, a tumultuous river that turns into impressive waterfalls, the Ambavaloza waterfalls, offers a grand spectacle. The name Ambavaloza, meaning "very close to danger," comes from the fact that the falls rush between two rocks forming a beast's mouth.

    400 meters away are the Andriamamovoka waterfalls

    Finally, before leaving, experience a magical moment, scanning the surroundings, and tasting the vertigo of the heights from the viewpoint.

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  • Behenjy Village Tourism

  • Mount Tsiafajavona

    To the impatient visitor, Ambatolampy hides its treasures. One will have seen nothing without having climbed Mount Tsiafajavona, at 2650 meters above sea level, one of the highest mountains in Madagascar where the temperature, during the coldest period of the year (between July and September), can drop to 3°C.

    During this exploration, the guide will be delighted to point out exceptional places of worship. Finally, at the foot of the mountain, lies the beautiful Manjakatompo forest station.

    Covering approximately 9,000 hectares, Manjakatompo is a vast pine forest bordered by waterfalls, ponds, and the famous Cold Lake. You can also discover a vast fish farming station where tourist circuits have been set up.


    At the foot of the Ankaratra Massif
    About thirty kilometers from Ambatolampy, the Ankaratra massif offers all the pleasures of walking, cycling, or horseback riding. The site covered with beautiful pine forests and wild mimosa is crisscrossed by countless trails.

    Ambatolampy Madagascar

    Location of Ambatolampy in Vakinankaratra Madagascar

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